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*watches Netflix

*looks at clock


*watches Netflix


Once again, the Japanese trailers kick the US trailers’ butts.

Hits right in the damn FEELS.

And I’m happy to hear Tadashi’s name said properly aieee…

Tah-dah-sheeee my butt. ugh.

Choice quotes:

"When it’s time to cry, it’s ok to cry. Tadashi will always look over you"

"Care robots do not fight"


"Hairy… BABY!… haaaairy"


"omg i hate small talk its so fake!!" like damn u must be so fucking annoying. its called being nice. if i was at a party and i was like "how r your classes going" and you were like "ugh lets skip that i KNOW u dont really CARE about my classes and i dont care about YOURS" i would log out of there so fucking fast

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